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New list of Club radio frequencies 1-14-2020. This is a pdf file.
Do Not give this list friends. We do not want other groups using
the same channels we are using when we go on run.
Some Vertex 2200 radio’s programmed on 1-18-2020 have HSXS channels
listed in Bank 5.
Club_Radio_Channels-1-2020 This a Word doc if you can not read a pdf file.

1.  TOY TO R BURGER 88 Toyota to R Burger – This is a newer version of the track which avoids the problem with cables on Power Line Rd.  CAUTION: Drive slow & no dust when going through Havasu Heights. One way approx. 40 miles short way, 48 miles doing the south loop. Closed Sun & Monday. Easy but roads could change after rain.
3. Parker Dam to Havasu Lake (CA) Removed from web site
3-11-20. CHP stated they will issue citations to anyone driving
on the road just after they cross the dam into CA. Possible $600
fine and UTV impounded for 30 days.
4. SW-Roveys_Needle4 Standard Wash to Rovey’s Needle – Stop On the Mesa overlooking Colo. River, Rovey’s Needle is the top on a large hill with a hole in the rock, (short walk) Lunch along the way and then return.  (Miles Pending) Green/Red
5. Chal_Wikieup_120317 Challenge to Wikieup – Long run with fuel & food in Wikieup, Pending an alternate
start point at Alamo Road.  (Miles ? ) Green/Red (This was a night run dusk to dark return)
6. Bat_Cave_010318Bison_Wing_Mine_Bat_cave_011418
Rides on 1/14/18. Anderson to Wing Mine & Bat Cave, (Green) Bison
run is same run starting at Bison (Blue).
BAT CAVE WING MINE HGR 24 12/7/19 Club run. Ends with lunch at Hanger 24 (Airport)
7. BULLHEAD 1-9-19 – Bullhead Club run Sat. Jan 26. This is the  Green run. Track has some challenges but a pre-run was made with a Polaris 570 with no problems. 
Approx. 60 miles.
8. Bullhead_040217 Club Run, Bullhead Parkway to Silver Creek Rd. (Before Airport) Right turn at light, down road to parking area on right side of dirt road. Run goes to Slot Canyon (Dead End at water fall), Big horn sheep top of canyon. Green/Red.
9. WM_Loves_Hwy95_100416 The is short easy trip that goes from Anderson lot to Loves/Pilot up the West side of Hwy 95 to I/S 40. Trail is just West of Hwy 95. Food & Fuel available. (Green)
10. Shea-Campout4-012818 Club 2018 campout directions. Parker Walmart to Camp on Shea Rd.
Shea-Camp-Bouse4-013118 Camp to lunch in Bouse. (36.1 miles) Rate (Green2) easy route.
Bouse-Shea-Camp4-013118 Bouse to Camp. (33.6 miles) Wash then bumpy powerline. Rate (Green 2)
11. Alamo_Rd_Wikieup_021018 Alamo Rd, Boriana Mine Rd, Bar I-L Rd, Wikieup (Blue)
Wikieup_Alamo_Rd_021018 Wikieup, Chicken Springs Rd, Alamo Rd.
Wikieup_Run_Description PDF File
11b. Chal-Wikieup 11-27-18 – New Track. Challenger via Peace Trail to Wikieup, Loop. Red group ride going long way 103 miles Rated 4. Return short way 58 miles. Fuel & Food available in Wikieup . Not for novice riders.
12. WM_Boriana_021818 43.5 miles one way. Read Wikieup Run Description (Option, you can leave from Alamo Rd. near Yucca)
12a. TOYOTA TO BORIANA MINE R BURGER  Anderson to Boriana Mine
95 miles but you can use Alamo Rd. parking to make trip shorter.
Rocky road near mine.
12b Yucca_Bypass This is a bypass in case the Power Line road near Fanconia Rd.
still has a chain across the road.
13. Shea_McGuffie_Maggie_031118 Shea Rd. (Parker) McGuffie Cabin, Maggie Wash. 95 mile loop, Fairly easy ride some big rocks near cabin. No fuel available, Scenic drive through Wash.
15. Cabin-short-onetrack Challenger to Dollar Bill Cabin. 52 miles, round trip, Green
Cabin-Chal High track Challenger to Cabin, Long going, Short return, 69 miles, Green
ChixRide12-10-18Loop Challenger to Cabin, Short going, different return. 52 miles, Green
Standard-Wash-Cabin Start Standard Wash south of Havasu on Hwy 95.
Short & long way to Dollar Cabin.
16. Alamo_Hualapai_Run_Info_050518 Read First before downloading the Run Trails.
Griffith_Rd_Hualapai_Lodge_042518 Shorter loop that starts at Griffith Rd.
17. WM TO TOPOCK66 Walmart area to Topock66 lunch run. Total round
trip approx. 57 miles. The track is mostly south of I/S 40. This bypasses
the private property
at Taco Hill. If you get off track, Do Not go past
any Wildlife Refuge signs.

CAUTION: When driving next to the RR tracks DO NOT make dust
when a train is in the area. 
Per the RR, dust damages there train
engines. If  this becomes a problem we will lose permission 
drive on the RR property.
18. SHEA RD-LINCOLN RH 2-24-19 Shea Rd is the first road on the
left just past the large Indian truck stop & gas station on the south
end of of Parker.
The start area is just past the Swansea turn off which is approx.
8 miles from Hwy 95. Round trip 65 miles. Rated Green Easy.
19. POKER RUN 2019 Spring Fling run. Great short run from Standard
Wash, Approx. 21 miles. Some challenges on hills but no problems
for Green group.
20. 95-40-To-Oatman032619 Ride to old mining town of Oatman.
Depart I/S 40 & Hwy 95. Approx. 40 miles.
Easy, some sand dunes south of Hwy 95.
Oatman-95-40-032619 Return trip approx. 47 miles.
Fuel available in Golden Shores.
21. ROUND THE MTN 4-13-19 Round the Mountain – Bison to Challenger.
Goes to Havasu Heights & then around the mountain behind LHC.
Approx 70 miles, Green easy.
ROUND THE MTN Klm  KML format you can use to view in Google Earth.
Around-Da-Mtn-Bison2  Round the Mountain – Red Blue group – Experienced drivers only.
22. LITTLE GRAND CANYON1 Starts at Mile 6 on Shea Rd. near Parker AZ.
(4/5/20 The track appears to be mostly on CRIT Indian property. CRIT has closed all
there property due to the virus)
23. Bunker Bar & Grill