Ride Committee

  • Organizes Local Club Rides
  • Organizes Out of Town Rides
  • Organizes Overnight Ride Events
  • Arranges a ride leader(s) for each club ride
  • Appoints a tail gunner(s) for each club ride
  • Organizes Orientation Rides for new members
  • Each club ride offers multiple groups based on your level of ability and comfort

Special Events Committee

Organizes and Oversees All Club Membership Events like:

  • Monthly Dinners on the Boulevard
  • Potluck Dinners / Bonfires
  • Annual Spring Fling Weekend
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • 50/50 & Raffle Drawings
  • After Christmas Party
  • Annual Cookie Drive
  • Annual Christmas Light Ride

Trail Maintenance & Development Committee

This committee tries to ensure that our local trails are safe in preparation for our club rides.

  • Grooms unsafe areas on our local trails
  • Repairs storm damage on local trails
  • Grooms trees/bushes that are overgrown onto trails
  • Re-marks BLM trails in our local area
  • Organizes desert cleanups in our local area
  • Removes the rock & debris that collects on the city streets in and around the road to trail entrances to our off-roading areas.

Social Media Committee

Oversees all Social Media which is such an important part of this club.

  • Maintains all of our Facebook social media pages
  • Provides  Social Media training for new members unfamiliar with Social Media
  • Uploads all club events to the social media pages
  • Provides downloadable GPS trail tracks
  • Tries to ensure that all social media postings are safe and appropriate

Apparel Committee

Procures, Designs and Sells club merchandise and apparel

  • Club Safety Flags
  • Club T-Shirts / Sweatshirts
  • Club Face Masks / Dust Masks
  • Club Hats
  • Club Stickers / Decals
  • Club Nametags

Sunshine Committee

Always there when you need them.  With over 900 club members there is always someone who can use a little encouragement or a little bit of sunshine knowing that the club is thinking about them.  These committee members make sure that our thoughts are conveyed with an appropriate card or well wishes of some sort.  They have also been know to organize meal trains for members that can use a helping hand.  Unfortunately, not all our days are sunny and this committee tries to help brighten those days just a little bit.

  • Lucky 52
  • Local Charity Drives


Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator maintains a list of people who are interested in volunteering along with their specific interests. When an event is in the planning stages, an email will be sent to members who have signed up on the Volunteer List that have an interest that coincides with the specific event. Each response is then sent to the appropriate Committee/Chairperson to coordinate specifics. Member’s interested in adding their name to the Volunteer List can either send email to volunteer.hsxs@gmail.com , sign up at one of the General Meetings held monthly or contact me directly. Of course, I can also answer any questions at the email address above or by contacting me directly, Thanks, Michael Auria.